You will find our youth activities for children up to the age of 17 listed in our weekly bulletin and Palm Leaves newsletter as well as posted on our website CalendarNews and Special Events pages.  Approximately every other month our youth bulletin board, near the parking lot side doors of the narthex, will display our interactive lesson including our youth’s art work as a part of the message.


One of our big focuses at the moment is “Kids Get Caught Being Kind!”  Members of the Congregation are invited to catch kids being kind.  When you see a child carrying out an act of kindness, let them know you caught them and tell them to make a punch on their Acts of Kindness Incentive Punch Card!  The acts of kindness are left to your discretion.  The act can be a smile, a kind word, a polite gesture such as holding a door for someone or helping to carry something for someone, or cleaning up after themselves or others.  The acts are limitless!  Once their card is completed, the card will be entered into a drawing and they will start a new one.


Any questions about our youth program and/or activities can be directed to Barb Master, our youth director.

VBS Singers 2012
Photo - Youth Sunday 2013
Photo- Youth Rally Day 2013