Our Valentines Day Wishes

Our Diaconate invites everyone to participate in the Valentines Day Wishes program.  Please prepare valentine cards or treats for the church members listed below. You may make your own cards, or use store bought cards. Place the cards in the Valentines box in the Narthex by February 5th. The valentines will be delivered (in some cases mailed) in time for Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

Verna Badman
Grace Beard
Lucille Berky
Kylene Bertoia Hart
Perma Bower
Ray & Carmen Davis
Edward Fegely
Marion Fox
Alyssa Guldin
Alvera Heffner
Heinz & Mary Jane Herrmann
Gladys Hoffman
Bob & Lucille Jones
Payton Keyser
Pauline Kloenne
Grace Kuhns
Meg Lester
Virginia Longacre
Clyde Masemore
Helen Pannepacker
Beverly Phifer
Betty Pope
Schwoyer Family
Carol Shafer
Bill & Jane Shermer
Dorothy Trumbauer
Adam Walter
Gene Wilcox