Our church is prayerfully guided by five boards:  the Trustees, Diaconate, Board of Christian Education, Board of Music Ministries, and the Mission Board.


Per Palm Schwenkfelder Church’s By-Laws:


  • Our Trustees “have charge and control of all business and financial matters, and of all property belonging to the Church…”


  • Our Diaconate is charged to watch over the “life and doctrines of the Congregation….”


  • Our Board of Christian Education directs “the Christian Education throughout the Church, Church School, Youth and other educational activities affiliated with the Church.”


  • The Board of Music Ministries “directs the Ministry of Music throughout the Church and its activities.”


  • The Mission Board educates and encourages the congregation towards missions and mission projects.  Click here to learn more about current and ongoing mission projects and activities.


There are also standing and ad hoc committees that help support the functions of our church including:


  • The Pastoral Relations Committee  which meets regularly to support and encourage our Pastor as well as to listen to the needs of the congregation and to be a liaison for discussion between the two.